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  • HR
  • 2022
  • 5'36''
  • HDV
  • combined techniques, 2D
  • color
  • animation, family, children's film

On an ordinary farm lived an unusual annoying cow who was catapulted to the moon by the other residents of the farm because she teased them all too much. But after the cow was no longer on the farm, everyone missed her. And the cow on the moon had a chance to think about her behaviour. The residents of the farm decided to give cow second chance, and the cow decided to be more considerate to others. The cow returned from the moon, and everybody was happy.

Ivana Guljašević Kuman
Bruno Kuman
Sound Design
Ivana Guljašević Kuman
Konrad Lovrenčić
Igubuka d.o.o.
Hrvatski audiovizualni centar (HAVC), Grad Zagreb

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