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  • HR
  • 2020
  • 24'
  • color

Twenty years ago, MMC multimedia centre in Rijeka was the epicentre of a turbulent and intense actionist and performance scene. It was more than a local phenomenon; the many activities and events organised by MMC at the Palach Club, including the Festival of New Art – FONA, became inextricable part of the fabric of our urban collective memory. This is the first film dedicated to MMC.

Darko Bavoljak
Alfred Kolombo
Darko Bavoljak
Alfred Kolombo
Sound Design
Viktor Drnić
Darko Bavoljak
Art De Facto
Croatian Distribution
Art De Facto
Hrvatski audiovizualni centar (HAVC)

Selected Filmography – Darko Bavoljak (1961)

  • MMC (2020) – short documentary-experimental film 
  • Urbi et Orbi (2013)  – short experimental film
  • Bare Island (2012) – mid-length documentary
  • Stupid Antonio Presents (2006) – documentary feature

Croatian film catalogue

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