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Mlungu – The White King

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  • HR
  • 2022
  • 70'
  • color
  • debut film
  • Orig. Title: Mlungu – Bijeli kralj

A Croatian sailor was arrested in South Africa for smuggling 230 kg of cocaine on a cargo ship, the biggest drug bust made by South African authorities. In prison, they called him Mlungu – The White King, convinced he was a mafia boss. The film offers an authentic insight into his life in prison and his efforts to adapt to the normal life following his release and return to his hometown. There he faces a dilemma, whether to settle down or play the role of „the king“ once more.

David Lušičić
David Lušičić
Bojana Burnać
Damir Čučić
Sound Design
David Lušičić, Luka Gamulin
Sandi Bratonja
David Lušičić
Greta Creative Network
Croatian Distribution
Greta Creative Network
Hrvatski audiovizualni centar (HAVC), Grad Rijeka, Grad Zagreb

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