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Melting Street

view in croatian
  • 2013
  • 18'23"
  • miniDV
  • color

Melting Street is the title of the urban intervention by Elisa Vladilo, an artist from Trieste who painted the street in front of the LUKA Multimedia Centre in Pula. This act of colouring has opened the dialogue about the active involvement in the city life and the creation of new landscape elements. The combination of warm colour tones animates and revitalizes the city, while the spiritual dimension gains playfulness and irony.

Ivana Hrelja
Zlatko Pančić
Zlatko Pančić, Marko Zdravković Kunac
Marko Zdravković Kunac
Pulska filmska tvornica
Pulska filmska tvornica

Ivana Hrelja was born in Pula. She studied film and television directing at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. As a student, she participated in a number of projects and directed several short documentaries and fiction films. 

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