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Mechanical Figures_ Inspired by Tesla

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  • HR, UK
  • 2013
  • 55'/90'
  • cross-media
  • Orig. Title: Mehaničke figure_Inspirirani Teslom

Mechanical Figures is a creative experimental documentary and a contemplative cross-media journey through the complex and magical world of the iconic inventor Nikola Tesla. It celebrates his genius as an innovator, his creativity and his inventions. The film features contributions from Terry Gilliam, Marina Abramović, Laurie Anderson, Andy Serkis, Christopher Priest, Samantha Hunt and Hiroshi Matsumoto.

Helena Bulaja
Helena Bulaja
Al Keddie, Ed Beals, Mare Milin, Joshua Sternlicht, Stuart Page, Boris Cvjetanović, Helena Bulaja
Helena Bulaja
Christian Biegai
Sound Design
Christian Biegai, Blaž Habuš
Al Keddie, Ed Beals, Helena Bulaja, Sabina Hahn, Dea Jagić
Helena Bulaja
My Magical Thoughts (HR)
MEDIA 2007 (Slate)
World Sales
Taskovski Films

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