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view in croatian
  • 2009
  • 19'50"
  • 35 mm
  • color

Maša is a teenager who deals with pressures of the everyday life in the worst possible way. She is unable to reconcile her idealized image of love with cruel and senseless reality.

Nikolina Barić
Nikolina Barić
Dragan Šiša
Iva Blašković
Production Design
Antonija Begušić, Ketrin Karasman
Costume Design
Tajana Špiček
Sound Design
Iva Blašković
Eva Frntić, Suzana Erbežnik, Dominik Čingel
Nikolina Barić, Karolina Leaković
Akademija dramske umjetnosti (ADU)

Nikolina Barić (1982) graduated in film and TV directing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, as well as in archaeology and English language and literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. She attended student workshops at the Sarajevo Film Festival in 2006 and 2007. Her short fiction film Sarajevo Spring (2008) was made as part of the Sarajevo City of Film project. Maša is her graduation film. In 2013, she wrote, directed, edited and produced the short documentary film The Girls from Banija Forest.

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