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  • 2012
  • 30'
  • digibeta
  • color, black & white

Iris is an edgy neo-noir comedy set in Croatia in the 1990s, in a dark post-war age dominated by tycoons, corruption and war profiteers. Detective Nebojša Šarković really feels like staying at home, but takes a 'small' task: transporting a protected witness to the airport. Naturally, the situation becomes complicated and Šarković finds himself embroiled in a series of bizarre and chaotic situations that feature a bad-tempered and mysterious woman called Iris, two corpses, a police chase, the Hague tribunal, a nun and a burek cheese pie.

Andrija Mardešić
Andrija Mardešić, David Kapac
Sven Mihaljević
Frano Homen
Production Design
Marijana Gradečak
Costume Design
Andrea Kuštović
Dubravko Robić
Sound Design
Frano Homen
Goran Bogdan, Ivana Roščić, Špiro Guberina, Draško Zidar, Ozren Grabarić, Zlatan Zuhrić
Tomislav Vujić
Grupa 7

Andrija Mardešić (1985) made a number of short amateur fiction and animated films while still in high school, and took part in filmmaking workshops at the Kino klub Split. In 2004 he enrolled in the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Department of Film and TV Directing. During his time at the Academy, he worked as a screenwriter and co-writer on many short and feature film projects. He also made two promotional films for the Academy of Dramatic Art to advertise the student festivals KRADU and FRKA.

Selected Filmography – Andrija Mardešić (1985)

  • Subtenant (2013) – fiction short / segment of Short Circuits omnibus
  • Iris (2012) – fiction short
  • Two (2011) – fiction short
  • Wind Rose (2011) – TV show
  • The Damned (2007) – fiction short
  • Night Ride (2006) – fiction short
  • Scream in Darkness (2006) – fiction short

Croatian film catalogue

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