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In Time

view in croatian
  • 2008
  • 82'
  • miniDV, 16 mm
  • color

In Time is a series of cinematic episodes based around schools of Latin dance in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia. For two years, a small crew has attended dancing lessons and participated in competitions in order to make a film where they are all both actors and authors. Everything has been documented on video so that the crew could reconstruct chosen moments from video archives, as well as their own memories, and transform them into cinematic events.

Nicole Hewitt
Ivan Slipčević, Bruno Bahunek
Vjeran Pavlinić
Andreja Košavić, Jelena Bračun, Miroslav Huzjak, Bruno Bahunek, Ana Hušman, Igor Pavlica, Nicole Hewitt, Anja Imamović, Dženan Jahić, Adnan Imamović, Mirela Geko, Omar Topić, Iris Brkić, Nermin Kočan, Mirela Redžegapić, Stefan Golubović, Nermin Kočan
Vera Robić-Škarica
Hrvatski filmski savez (HFS)
Studio Pangolin

Selected Filmography – Nicole Hewitt (1965)

  • In Time (2008) – experimental feature
  • The Waltz (2004) – experimental short
  • Gloria (2002) – experimental short
  • In Between (2002) – experimental short
  • InDividu (1999) – experimental short

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