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In the Beginning of Time

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  • 2012
  • 10'
  • HD
  • puppets, stop-motion
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Priča s početka vremena

At the dawn of time, in an African-style village where the people believe in wonders and miracles, the tribal shaman has a disturbing vision of an approaching mythical monster. He chooses a young warrior to go to the end of the world to find the White Girl, the only one who can conquer the demon and defeat eternal darkness. The journey is uncertain, time is scarce and the village shaman is talkative.

Božidar Trkulja
Božidar Trkulja
Dina Rončević, Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson
Character Design
Božidar Trkulja
Goran Mitrović
Simon Bogojević Narath
Vladimir Sokačić
Sound Design
Hrvoje Radnić
Vanja Andrijević

Božidar Trkulja (1975) has worked as a journalist, editor, film critic, comic-book critic and columnist at the Vjesnik daily paper since 1997. He has written numerous articles, presentations and reviews about animated film, his primary field of interest. He also writes music reviews for various Croatian weekly and monthly publications. Over the past ten years, Trkulja has made several hundred artworks, held high-profile exhibitions of his work, and participated in several art colonies. He is also a member of the music band Kazamorti.

Selected Filmography – Božidar Trkulja (1975)

  • In the Beginning of Time (2012) – animation short
  • The Last Quest (2017) – animation short

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