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I Regret Nothing

view in croatian
  • HR
  • 2016
  • 7'44''
  • Orig. Title: Ne žalim ni zbog čega

A portrait of a young gay dance artist from the island of Vis, who has been fighting for his love ever since he was a child. Straightforward, sincere, and strong, just like its protagonist, the film speaks about the human need and right to love despite all obstacles.

Lucija Strugar
Ivana Mikulčić, Mateja Radanovič, Karolina Poslek, Lucija Strugar
Antonio Čukoić, Ivana Mikulčić
Lucija Strugar
Škola za umjetnost, dizajn, grafiku i odjeću Zabok, Elektrostrojarska škola Varaždin
Europski socijalni fond (HR.3.1.14-0553)

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