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I'm a Self-Made Woman

view in croatian
  • 2012
  • 26'52"
  • beta SP
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Ja sam svoj život posložila

When dreaming of a soap opera kind of life, it is a sister’s job to jump in! Željka’s younger sister Silvija begs her to let her spend the night at her place, because their mom has just read the shameless blog which she co-writes with her best friend Danica. Next morning, even though she is irritated by Silvija and Danica’s hangovers, Željka takes them to work with her, at the tv studio where she is a make-up artist. While getting ready to return home and face their mom, the two sisters exchange pearls of wisdom about life.

Sonja Tarokić
Sonja Tarokić
Danko Vučinović
Martin Semenčić
Production Design
Katarina Pilić
Costume Design
Katarina Pilić
Sound Design
Borna Buljević
Marina Redžepović, Karla Brbić, Iva Babić, Raul Brzić, Marica Vidušić, Ana Majhenić, Ivana Krizmanić, Zoran Pribičević, Vlado Gojun
Isa Živanović
Akademija dramske umjetnosti (ADU)

Selected Filmography – Sonja Tarokić (1988)

  • Birthday (2013, co-dir. Hana Jušić) – fiction short / segment of the Short Circuits omnibus
  • I’m a Self-Made Woman (2012) – fiction short
  • You Bitch! (2011) – fiction short
  • Smart Girls (2010, co-dir. Hana Jušić) – fiction short
  • Deaf (2010) – fiction short
  • Red (2009) – fiction short
  • Puppet as... (2008) – documentary short

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