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Happy End: Stupid & Stupider

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  • HR
  • 2018
  • 85'
  • comedy
  • Orig. Title: Happy End: Glup & gluplji

The final part in the trilogy about relationships between men and women, preceded by Because of You and Fuck Off I Love You. A story about women from the male perspective of two losers who invent an effective self-help method under the slogan “With Love to the Skies, Fucking to the Stars”. Their method draws them into a whirlwind of politics, sex, media, and a courtroom scandal.

Anđelo Jurkas
Anđelo Jurkas
Danijel Kovačević
Robert Ferenc, Anđelo Jurkas
Sound Design
Neven Sirotić-Scan
Dalibor Grubačević, Vladimir Tomić, Hrvoje Marjanović
Costume Design
Ines Zrnc Gregorina
Production Design
Ines Zrnc Gregorina
Dino Škare, A., Jelena Perčin, Iskra Jirsak, Kristina Krepela, Karmen Sunčana Lovrić, Iva Štrljić, Dora Lipovčan, Petra Težak, Iva Richtermoc, Nika Ostoić, Doris Pinčić Rogoznica
Anđelo Jurkas
Danijel Kovačević, Dražen Kovačević, Dino Senčar
DOP Produkcija
Ratio VP, Mediapark, Studio 25
Croatian Distribution
Continental film

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