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Gavran 101

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  • HR
  • 2020
  • 90’
  • color

The story of Damir Tomljanović Gavran (Raven) shows the truth about Croatian veterans, most of whom decided to defend Croatia literally out of school, with no military knowledge or experience. They enlisted voluntarily, out of moral and human reasons, not because of politics or being forced to do so. The film talks about young people who take the responsibility for life or death decisions, for great morality, and for sacrifice

Biljana Čakić
Zoran Žukina
Boris Krstinić
Darko Bušnja
Sound Design
Luka Grubišić – Čabo
Jura Stublić, Zlatko Pejaković
Igor Prižmić, Fran Juraj Prižmić
Menorah Film
Croatian Distribution
Udruga ratnih veterana 1. gardijske brigade – Tigrovi
Ministarstvo hrvatskih branitelja RH, Grad Zagreb

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