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view in croatian
  • 2012
  • 7'59''
  • digibeta
  • color

At first one, then two characters pass by, then a whole army starts marching like a river of multiplied characters, and all their permutations: this is the basic model that creates the story. By using a white visual background and a hybrid sound, we follow images of the army and soldiers, colonies, parades, scenes that flow continually, representing the mass of uniformed bodies as the representation of power. The artist’s body is multiplied, dressed in the conventional dark suit of a serious yuppie, without specific marks of identity. The work presents an ordinary man who, through the process of being multiplied, becomes a sort of corporation.

Goran Škofić
Goran Škofić
Goran Škofić, Fran Sokolić, FAGEP
Goran Škofić
Fran Sokolić, FAGEP
Production Design
Goran Škofić
Sound Design
Ivan Arnold
Damir Čučić
Milva film i video
Muzej suvremene umjetnosti (MSU)

Selected Filmography – Goran Škofić (1979)

  • Fronta (2012) – experimental short
  • E-body 25 (2005) – experimental short
  • Pilot 0.1 (2002) – experimental short
  • House of Dolls (2001) – experimental short

Croatian film catalogue

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