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Front Page Postman

view in croatian
  • 2010
  • 29'30''
  • video
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Poštar s naslovne strane

A postman from Split disappears without a trace and takes a rather hefty sum of someone else’s money with him. The police find out that he has paid a visit to his sick infant daughter at the intensive care unit in the children’s hospital. While the police try to trace the missing postman’s whereabouts, various witnesses start coming forward, claiming that they saw him handing out money to people on the street. As the story of the postman begins to spread, he soon earns a new nickname – Robin Hood.

Tomislav Mršić, Tomislav Topić
Davor Šišmanović
Alan Stanković
Damir Terešak
MaXima film

Tomislav Topić (1975) is an editor and director. He has edited a number of documentary films and tv programmes. He has also made several short fiction and experimental films. In 2000, he founded the Mediterranean Film Festival in Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tomislav Mršić (1972) has made several awarded documentary films and TV programmes.

Selected Filmography – Tomislav Mršić (1972)

  • 25th Hour (2011) – documentary short
  • Vojtjeh In Search Of Truth (2011) – documentary feature
  • An Ordinary Day (2010) – documentary short
  • Accidental Son (2007, co-dir. Robert Zuber) – documentary feature
  • Emergency Entrance (2007) – documentary feature
  • Neverland (2005) – documentary short
  • Pula Confidential (2003) – documentary feature
  • Rio Bravar (2001) – documentary short
  • There’s Nothing Funny About Line 310 (1999) – documentary short

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