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view in croatian
  • 2011
  • 8'30"
  • beta SP, DVD
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Krijesnice

Late at night, ten people go for a walk into the interior of the island of Zlarin. They pass through areas with no public lighting or sounds of civilization. In the pitch-dark and wintry silence of the island, each member of the group has their own source of light – a spelunker’s headlamp. Each individual can spot the others only within the range of their own light source. The group members take turns to record each other with a video camera; each one takes either the active role of author/ camera operator/ observer or the passive role of subject /character /observed.

Vlasta Žanić
Vlasta Žanić
Jasenko Rasol
Boris Greiner
Vlasta Žanić
Boris Greiner

Vlasta Žanić (1966) received her degree from the department of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, in 1991. For the first ten years of her career she systematically explored spatial problems in a sculptural way. After 2001, she became increasingly involved with performance art, video art and experimental films. This change in the medium of expression has reflected a change in her thematic interests. She has become increasingly concerned with self-referential issues, including her roles as an artist, woman and mother, her evolving relationship with her surroundings and audiences, and the transformations that occur during the manipulation of content through a variety of media.

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