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  • 2009
  • 11'
  • video
  • color

Danijel and his Mom live together in a squalid flat. Daniel never leaves his armchair and spends his days reading comic books. One day Daniel’s Mom, after seeing a television programme How Clean is Your House, decides to clean the flat and give Danijel a bath. Finally in exhaustion, she falls asleep in her armchair, and Danijel runs away from home. He ends up at the train station but instead of boarding a train, he just stands on the platform and watches the trains go by. This is where his Mom will eventually find him and take him back home.

Hana Jušić
Hana Jušić
Eva Kraljević
Costume Design
Katarina Pilić
Nikša Butijer, Biserka Ipša
Vedran Šuvar
Akademija dramske umjetnosti (ADU)

Selected Filmography – Hana Jušić (1983)

  • Birthday (2013, co-dir. Sonja Tarokić) – fiction short / segment of the Short Circuits omnibus
  • Gnats, Ticks, Bees (2012) – fiction short
  • Chill (2011) – fiction short
  • Smart Girls (2010, co-dir. Sonja Tarokić) – fiction short
  • Uncle (2010) – fiction short
  • Danijel (2009) – fiction short

Croatian film catalogue

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