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Crossed Sild

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  • NO
  • 2010
  • 12'16"
  • puppets
  • color

A woman and a man whose daily lives consist of monotony and fear of changes would be a perfect match, if only they would get to meet. Once, this almost happens...

Lea Vidaković, Ivana Bošnjak
Lea Vidaković, Ivana Bošnjak
Lea Vidaković, Ivana Bošnjak
Hrvoje Radnić, Hrvoje Nikšić
Sound Design
Hrvoje Radnić, Hrvoje Nikšić
Andres Mänd
Volda University College (HVO) (NO)

Selected Filmography – Lea Vidaković (1983)

  • The Vast Landscape – Porcelain Stories (2015) – animation short
  • Sisters (2012) – animation short
  • Crossed Sild (2010, with Ivana Bošnjak) – animation short

Selected Filmography – Ivana Bošnjak (1983)

  • Simulacra (2014, co-dir. Thomas Johnson) – animation short
  • Crossed Sild (2010, co-dir. Lea Vidaković) – animation short

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