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Chichi-Bichi, Bol Tourism in the Time of Corona

view in croatian
  • HR
  • 2021
  • 75’
  • color
  • satire
  • Orig. Title: Čiči-biči: Bolski turizam u doba korone

Tourist agencies have filled the town of on the island of Brač with carton tourists. The locals are friendly with their carton guests. They don’t smoke
in their presence. They drink coffee with them, play tennis, give them bicycle rides, and bring them books from the local library. In case of a medical emergency, they take them to the Carton clinic. A satirical view of Croatian tourism in the time of corona – and otherwise.

Ivica Jakšić Čokrić Puko
Ivica Jakšić Čokrić Puko
Šime Strikoman
Matko Petrić
Ivica Jakšić Čokrić Puko, Dinko Karninčić, Zoran Kojdić, Arsen Kojdić
Ivica Jakšić Čokrić Puko
Multimedijalna putujuća artistička skupina za mentalnu higijenu, fizikalnu terapiju i brzu prehranu Šušur-Bol

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