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  • 2010
  • 14'
  • digibeta
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Šampion

In 1993, during a ceasefire in the war in Bosnia, the inhabitants of a small town try to return to normal life. Soldiers come home from the battlefield and comment on the ceasefire at the local coffee shop. Andrija, the local halfwit, lives off the soldiers’ charity. He is convinced that he is a champion athlete and claims he could beat the best sprinter of all time – Carl Lewis. In his ‘preparations for the race’, he waits for the sound of the starting pistol (in this case, a stray bullet fired from a gun), then he runs wildly around the war-ravaged town. Andrija’s ‘race’ that goes nowhere ends another ceasefire with the pointless death of yet another innocent victim.

Kristijan Milić
Marko Sušac
Goran Mećava
Nerman Mahmutović, Dejan Aćimović, Slaven Knezović, Goran Bogdan, Ana Maras, Borna Baletić
Marko Sušac
Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT), Akademija dramske umjetnosti (ADU)

Kristijan Milić (1969) was born in Zagreb and studied film and TV directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. He began his directing career in 2000, making TV and music videos. He has directed several short films including Backwoods (1998), Boredom (1998) and Safe House (2002) formed part of the portmanteau feature film 24 Hours, winner of the Best First Film award at the 2002 Pula Film Festival. Five years later, Milić’s first feature film The Living and the Dead (2007) won eight Golden Arenas at Pula Film Festival, as well as seven international awards at film festivals in Belgrade, Tetouan, Lecce, Ljutomer, Durres, Orenburg and Prishtina.

Selected Filmography – Kristijan Milić (1969)

  • Number 55 (2014) – feature film
  • Room 3 (2013) – fiction short
  • Rest in Peace (2013) – TV show
  • The Champion (2010) – fiction short
  • The Living and the Dead (2007) – feature film
  • Safe House (2002) – fiction short / segment of 24 Hours omnibus
  • ER 94 (1998 ‒ 1999) – TV show
  • Boredom (1998) – fiction short / segment of 24 Hours omnibus
  • Backwoods (1998) – fiction short / segment of 24 Hours omnibus
  • Intolerance (1995) – fiction short

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