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Bordo – Everlasting Comics Youth

view in croatian
  • 2013
  • 55'
  • DCP
  • Orig. Title: Bordo – vječna stripovska mladost

This is a story about the lesser-known aspects of Borivoj Dovniković Bordo, the Croatian and world master of animation, namely his comic book production. Now aged 83, Bordo still draws and is one of the oldest active comic artists in the world. When he emigrated to Austria in 1991, he provided for his family by drawing cartoons for local daily and weekly newspapers. His comics have been published abroad and exhibited at the most important comic book fairs. In this film he talks with charm and wit about his work, prohibitions, successes and popularity. Many of his exciting recollections are illustrated with his photographs, archival footage and comics.

Bernardin Modrić
Veljko Krulčić
Robert Kalčić
Tin Kowalski
Igor Karlić
Sound Design
Zlatko Žugčić
Veljko Krulčić

Selected Filmography – Bernardin Modrić (1954)

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  • Man of Stone – Ivan Mažuranić (2000) – documentary short
  • Janko Polić Kamov or a Black Swear Knight (2000) – documentary short
  • Podhum, July 12 1942 (1980) – documentary short

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