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  • 2010
  • 13'
  • DV
  • color

Matija and Bojan grew up together. Their friendship ended abruptly when Bojan and his family abandoned their apartment, overnight, and left without saying goodbye. This happened in the early 1990s; they had been branded as ‘undesirable’ because they were of wrong nationality. Too young to understand the war or the reasons why he lost his friend, Matija decided to look for Bojan 15 years later.

Đuro Gavran
Đuro Gavran
Đuro Gavran
Oliver Sertić

Đuro Gavran was born in 1982 in Bjelovar, Croatia. In 2007 he graduated graphic product design from the Faculty of Graphic Design, University of Zagreb. In 2007 he took an MA course in film and TV directing (documentary film) at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. He has held three solo and around thirty group national and international exhibitions and participated at a dozen film festivals. He collaborated on the establishment and operation of a creative collective N,JAB – Novi, jako alternativni bend (New, Very Alternative Band). N,JAB is a movement (Njabism), whose followers express their ideas, thoughts and emotions regardless of the medium, knowledge of the medium and final result. He is one of the founders of the Nature & Society Association, promoting natural, social and cultural values. He is a Zagreb based multimedia freelancer (design, photography, camera, documentary). He worked as a cinematographer on Igor Bezinović’s films Nepovratno (2009) and Nadprosječan (2008).

Selected Filmography – Đuro Gavran (1982)

  • The Verdict (2013) – documentary short
  • Big Day (2012) – documentary feature
  • Celts (2011) – documentary short
  • Bojan (2010) – documentary short
  • Glass Ballerina (2005) – experimental short

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