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Blue Black Berlin

view in croatian
  • HR, DE
  • 2009
  • 7'20"
  • miniDV
  • color

An idyllic night promenade along the Berlin Spree bustling with ships and walkers turns into a fictive, potentially catastrophic and threatening scenario. The dramatization of the abstract narrative is reinforced by experimental music.

Ana Bilankov
Ana Bilankov
Ana Bilankov
Ana Bilankov
Sound Design
Tyler Friedman
Ana Bilankov
Ana Bilankov

Ana Bilankov (1968) is a visual artist and filmmaker whose work encompasses the media of photography, video and video installation. She studied the history of art and German language and literature in Zagreb and in Mainz, studied art photography in Wiesbaden and completed her postgraduate studies in fine art at the University of the Arts in Berlin. She has shown her work in many exhibitions, won numerous international scholarships and participated in film and video festivals, where she has won several awards.

Croatian film catalogue

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