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Bare Island

view in croatian
  • 2012
  • 51'18"
  • digibeta
  • color, black & white
  • Orig. Title: Goli otok

Bare Island tells the story of a prison camp on the island of the same name in the Croatian Adriatic, during the 1949–1955 conflict between Tito’s Yugoslavia and Stalin’s Soviet Union. The reenactment of daily life in the prison camp, and insights into the methods used for the 'political re-education' of so-called Cominform (pro-Stalin) supporters are based on eyewitness testimony from ex-prisoner Alfred Pal. Bare Island reveals numerous unpublished documents from the Yugoslav secret services, casting fresh light on how, and why, the conflict between Tito and Stalin affected the prisoners. The film examines Bare Island from various angles and places it in the political and ideological context of the time. Nowadays, the island is empty, barren and mute: a no man’s land abandoned by prisoners and prison guards alike, and inhabited only by grazing sheep.

Darko Bavoljak
Darko Bavoljak, Petar Vujačić
Darko Bavoljak
Višnja Skorin
Stanko Juzbašić
Sound Design
Stanko Juzbašić
Darko Bavoljak
Art De Facto
Hrvatski državni arhiv (HDA)

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